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Who We Are

Ink and Toner Recycling Ltd is one of Europe’s leading companies specialising in the management and recycling of used printer cartridges. We see your waste printer cartridges as a resource, not as a problem.

We have extensive experience in providing a very simple yet fully managed service throughout the UK. We provide recycling and disposal services for virtually any type of used or unused printer cartridge.
We are extremely passionate and environmentally focused; by choosing Ink and Toner Recycling as your Recycling Partner you will benefit from a simple and FREE solution to help you manage your used cartridges responsibly.

Why Use Us

We are dedicated to helping our clients dramatically reduce their carbon footprint and achieve a zero-landfill outcome. We specialize in simple printer cartridge recycling solutions that ensure your used printer cartridges are managed in the most environmentally responsible way.
Whatever size organization, wherever in the UK, we can advise and support you on how to successfully implement an environmental strategy to not only ensure your compliance with relevant legislation but to also improve your corporate social responsibility.

How It Works

Through our experience, we have learned that by keeping things simple they are more likely to work!
This is why our service is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Collate your used and unused cartridges




We collect and recycle them.

It Really is that simple!

Some Questions That We Often Get Asked

We often get asked the same questions from many of our customers so we thought it would be easier to list the answers below. Should you have any further questions, please get in touch.

How Do I Recycle Printer Cartridges?

Our simple printer cartridge recycling service is designed to be as simple and user friendly as possible. You can book your free collection either here or by calling our Collections Team on 01908635330.

Where Can I Recycle Ink Cartridges?

People often ask where to recycle ink cartridges or where to recycle printer cartridges. As the largest and most trusted in printer cartridge recycling company in Europe, we accept and recycle all models of printer cartridges as part of our Printer Cartridge Recycling service.

Where Can I find Ink Cartridge Recycling Near Me?

Our Printer Cartridge Recycling program covers the whole of the UK. We offer a next day collection service, so wherever you are in the UK, you can take advantage of our free printer cartridge recycling service.

Do You Accept All Brands?

We accept all major brands of printer cartridges in our Printer Cartridge Recycling program. The following is a list of some of the major brands that we accept. We recycle HP ink cartridges, recycle HP toner cartridges, recycle Brother ink cartridges, recycle Brother toner cartridges, recycle Lexmark ink cartridges, recycle Lexmark toner cartridges, recycle Canon ink cartridges, recycle Canon toner cartridges, recycle Xerox ink cartridges, recycle Xero toner cartridges, recycle Kyocera ink cartridges, recycle Kyocera toner cartridges, recycle Konica Minolta ink cartridges, recycle Konica Minolta toner cartridges, and recycle Sharp toner cartridges.

Recycle Printer Cartridges for Charity?

As we are all aware, charities need a continual stream of funding to keep them operating and help to continue the good work that they do. Do you want to recycling ink cartridges for charity? or recycling toner cartridges for charity? Our Printer Cartridge Recycling For Charity program has been specifically designed to help raise vital funds and the service is totally free of charge!
So if you are looking for a simple way of recycling ink cartridges for charity or recycling toner cartridges for charity then Click Here or call our Collections Team on 01908635330.