About Ink and Toner Recycling

Ink and Toner Recycling Ltd. is the leading printer cartridge management and recycling company in Europe. We provide our clients, whether commercial, industrial, and local authorities or domestic users, with sustainable printer cartridge recycling services to help minimize their impact on the environment and help achieve their corporate responsibility, turning their surplus and used printer cartridges into a resource.

We can tailor our printer cartridge recycling services to meet your exact business requirements. Whatever your size, we have the experience and capability to offer a hassle-free collection and recycling solution designed around your business. As pioneers within our industry, we have the foresight and drive to keep ahead of the curve in printer cartridge recycling. Investment into high-tech systems, plus expertise in staff recruitment and training, has culminated in a totally professional and friendly team capable of handling any aspect of the business.

Our international customers can expect to receive the highest degree of attention when contacting any of our offices. Probably the single most important commitment we make is the ultimate degree of service we offer to each of our customers.

Our ethos is very clear

About Ink And Toner Recycling

“Our customers are the most important part of our business. You are not dependent on us, we are dependent on you. You are not an outsider in our business; you are part of it. We are not doing you a favour by serving you; you are doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so. At Ink and Toner Recycling, we are striving to maintain the highest standards, looking after the smallest detail.”

Our Story

Our Commitment

With the environment in forefront of our mind, our aim is to reduce a cartridge’s carbon footprint. Every year, over 1.1 billion non-biodegradable empty printer cartridges are used globally, and over 350 million tons are just thrown away and will eventually end up in landfill sites! In the UK alone, 45,000,000 cartridges will end up in landfills. Some of the materials used to manufacture these cartridges can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, leaving these chemicals to dissolve into the soil and pollute the environment. Simply book your free collection to recycle your printer cartridges and together we can make a difference, because doing the right thing today will make a better tomorrow.

We will not stop until every single cartridge is recycled

Legislation and Compliance

As pioneers within our industry, Ink and Toner Recycling Ltd is fully licensed and compliant with all UK and EU legislation. Using us as your printer cartridge recycling partner, you can rest assured that you are not only fulfilling your duty of care and your environmental responsibility, but you are also helping reduce your organisations carbon footprint. As a registered and licensed waste cartridge management company, we can provide all of our clients with all the relevant compliance documentation to show that you have disposed of your waste cartridges responsibly and in accordance with the Environment Agency Regulations.

Don’t judge us by what we say, judge us by how we are already judged.
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