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Ink, Toner, Cartridge, and Printer recycling Terms and Conditions


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8. Ink and Toner Recycling Ltd reserves the right to change the prices we pay for goods at anytime. Typically changes to pricing are made monthly but we reserve the right to make changes at anytime.

Legal notice

Visitors to our Web site are required to accept the following terms and conditions if they are to trade with us or have intentions of setting up an account.

Criteria and charges

How will I know if I meet your collection criteria and are there any charges for the service?

If goods are sent by freepost we require a minimum of 3 items of value per free post bag / envelope returned 20 items of value from our price list per box / bundle/courier bag and 75 items of value from our cartridge recycling price list per pallet. Please note that if these minimum requirements are not made per consignment received that payment will not be issued due to the freight costs not making the service cost affective.

In general our service is free of charge. The only time that charges would be applied to an account is when

  1. If you are sending a freepost bag via the free post system only  ink cartridges for recycling and mobile phone recycling can be returned. If laser or toner cartridges are sent via the free post address the charge from Royal Mail will be applied to your account as the costs can be significantly higher via post than courier.
  2. Box collections and bundles require 20 items of value from our price list. Please note that if all the items are returned you will be advised and charged £0.50 per item. Please note that we do not apply charges for schools, Charities and non Profitable organisations. We do not pay for tanks, tubes, bottles or ribbons and charge for these products as we have a duty of care to see that these items are recycled in the correct manner. Due to the fact that these products cannot be reused we have to pay for these items to be safely disposed of.
  3.  Failed collections are charge back to a customer if a driver turns up at a location and it was pre arranged and the consignment cannot be collected.

Failed or Unsuccessful collection.

We charge £25.00 + vat for failed collections by courier, We are sorry for having to impose this but failed collections are on the increase, so please ensure you let someone else know we are coming to collect or cancel the collection the day before. We allow 24 notice before the collection time is arranged before potential charges are applied to your account.

Parcels / Packages – (THIS ONLY APPLIES TO COURIER COLLECTIONS ) any single item weighing up to 30kgs in weight, and with measurements of not more than 1.0 metre long, 0.60 metres wide and 0.70 metres high or which has a girth (length + height + width) of not more than 2.3 metres. Anything larger or heavier will incur a freight surcharge which we will unfortunately have no choice but pass on
Boxes that are supplied by Ink and Toner Recycling Ltdare chargeable if they are not used within 9 months and you will be invoiced for this.
Also chargeable is excessive waste as we have to pay for either a courier to go in and collect or for our own vehicle and driver to collect. This charge is £0.25 per chargeable item.

We reserve the right to charge for any collection that doesn’t meet the requirements specified on our price list.
Whilst we will try and do our best to offset the cost against any money you may receive, we will have to invoice if there is not enough money on your account.

Data Protection Act 1998.

Your personal information is your personal property and as such we recognise that this places serious responsibilities on us. We have therefore published a separate privacy policy on these web pages. Our omission to exercise any rights under these conditions of use does not constitute a waiver or such right unless expressly accepted by us in writing. If you have any queries in the meantime, please visit our contact page and email us using the form provided.