From smaller Companies and large Corporations to Banks and Public Sector Services, we have been providing our clients simple and effective solutions for printer cartridge recycling for the last decade.
Whatever size organisation, wherever in the UK, we can advise and support you on how to successfully implement an environmentally responsible printer cartridge recycling strategy to ensure your compliance with current legislation, and help to improve your Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR).
Every Business in the UK has a duty of care to manage their waste properly.
For larger organizations and businesses with a large number of cartridges or high cartridge turnover, we can provide specially designed recycling boxes to be placed within your organization.
Help reverse Your CO2 Footprint. Remember, every cartridge that is recycled instead of just thrown away can save up to 2.5kg in CO2!
Printer cartridge recycling for Businesses And Organisation
No matter what size of organization, we can tailor a solution specific to your needs.
To find out how we can help you organisation implement a free Printer Cartridge Recycling Program Please get in touch.