How your School, College or University can Raise Funds Through Recycling
How many printer cartridges does your school, college or university use every year? When you actually think about this, the numbers can be vast!
With almost 34,000 schools in the UK, they can play a vital role in making sure that their used and unwanted printer cartridges are disposed of responsibly. As schools help to shape the habits that we continue into adulthood, children who participate in recycling now will learn about the benefits of carrying on this “habit” as adults.
Involving parents, teachers and children in a Printer Cartridge Recycling scheme can be a lot of fun and will Educate the students about the importance of recycling and the environment which will help to provide a path to a greener future. Recycling in schools always works best when the whole school is involved and a consistent scheme is put into place.
Implementing our Printer Cartridge Recycling scheme in your school, college or university will not only help reduce money spent on waste disposal, but could provide a generous income stream and help raise money.
The service is totally free and we can also supply collection point boxes, marketing materials and give you dedicated support to help make your campaign successful.
Get in touch today and start making a difference.
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